Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Are you and your kids ready for Father’s Day on June 18th 2017? If not, keep reading for some easy Father’s Day crafts you can make in the run up to it!

Laura Hutton, who runs cute crochet and creative crafts company – LK Crafts, told us: “Handmade cards and gifts are always extra special as they’re unique just like dads.”

With exclusive tips from Laura we’ve come up with these . . .

Easy Father’s Day craft ideas

Get your kids to make their daddy a card

We think there is something extra special about handmade cards, Laura agrees with us and has these tips for you:

  • If you have younger kids it is important to let them be creative
  • There are so many cheap craft accessories in high street stores – to help add that special touch
  • Print off some photos of your children and their daddy so they can be cut out and stuck onto the Father’s Day card. You can even draw around them like they are in a car or a hot air balloon!


Make your Dad a super Father’s Day scrapbook

This is another great idea from Laura who is a big fan of making scrapbooks

She says “Using a scrapbook, find and print photos of your dad, with you, with family and on days out. You can even include some of his old cars from back in the day and special occasions like his 40th birthday and the day you were born.

“Be creative and place them all in the scrapbook adding accessories, quotes, poems, jokes and handprints.”

Laura added: “The ideas are endless when it comes to scrapbooks, plus it’s handmade by you and something for you both to be proud of!

“I’ve made one of these for my dad and I can honestly say it was his best present EVER.”

You can check out our guide to ‘Scrapbooking Made Simple’ right here 


Cute finger print family portraits

1) Create your finger family portrait using A4 card. Get your children to paint their fingertip and print each family member onto the card – making the fingertip prints into heads.

2) Once the paint had dried your kids can have fun drawing the bodies for the heads. This is a fun, easy and relatively mess free family portrait you can place into a frame.

Thank you to Laura for sharing her fantastic easy Father’s Day craft ideas with us. You can find out more about LK Crafts here. 

If you or your kids make a unique Father’s Day craft you are really, really proud of please share a photo of it on our uni-ball Facebook page. 


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