Everything You Need To Know About Art Sculpture Trails!

Have you seen sculptures of painted animals around your favourite city or town and wondered what the fuss is about?

As part of our exclusive series of blog posts on art sculpture trails we have been lucky enough to have exclusive chats with some brilliant artists that are involved.

Meet the artist

Emma Graham

Emma is an artist and illustrator who has designed a number of animals for sculpture trails. In 2016 she designed three pigs for the ‘Pigs Gone Wild’ trail in Ipswich. She is currently ‘longing’ to get to work on design ideas for Elmer’s Big Parade which will be arriving in Ipswich in 2019!

To find out more about Emma visit her website or follow her on Twitter – @bluebutterfly48.

Art Sculpture Trail Q&A

Why do artists get involved with art sculpture trails?

Emma says: “For me as an artist’s art trails are about getting my work seen by a wider audience.

“I am working on a much grander scale than my day to day work, which is fun and a challenge!”

Why should you go on an art sculpture trail this summer?

Emma says: “For the public, it means they are getting out and about in the local areas and also as tourists on other trails around the UK.

“If parents were to say ‘hey kids, let’s go to an art gallery’ in the holidays then (sorry to say) most kids would probably complain.”

She adds: “But on the trails they are not realising they are seeing art, it’s fun, engaging and I feel it is stimulating for the public to be engaging with these trails.”

Wondering where you can find your nearest art sculpture trail . . .

Are you a mum or dad who wants to get their children outside and enjoying sculpture trails this summer? Do you want to know where your nearest trail is?

Well we’ve come up with this handy guide to ‘Five of the Best Animal Sculpture Trails for Summer 2018’.

But don’t despair if you can’t find your local town on city on the list. Wild in Art are one of the biggest organisers of sculpture trails in the UK and they have lots lined up for later this year and next year.

Check out their schedule here.

Photographs used in this blog post are from Emma Graham’s website


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