Five Amazing Facts About Handwriting!

We’ve spoken to a top handwriting enthusiast and scoured the history books to bring you five amazing facts about handwriting that are sure to impress your friends!

1) The first ever recorded handwriting!

Found on clay tablets from Mesopotamia, the first ever recorded handwriting dates back to 3,300BC. WOW!

Handwriting was first used for list making (that’s what people used to do before you could get “notes” on your phone).


2) Fun fact about handwriting from the British Museum!

One of the oldest pieces of handwriting stored at the British Museum is a list of beer rations allocated to building workers (they obviously had their priorities right)! You can see a photograph of the tablet right here.


3) When it comes to handwriting this fact proves we aren’t very original!

QUIZ: Can you guess what 97 per cent of people write when they are trying out a new pen for the first time?!

Scroll down for the answer . . .

Answer: When trying out a new pen for the first time 97 per cent of people write their own name!

4) Here’s an interesting fact about a U.S. president with handwriting SUPERPOWERS!

According to the history books U.S. president James Garfield was super talented when it came to handwriting!

As well as being ambidextrous Garfield could apparently write in Greek with one hand whilst writing in Latin with the other! Now that is certainly one way to impress your mates down the pub!

FAST FACT: In case you didn’t know, ambidextrous means that you can write with both your left and right hand.

5) Did you know this fact about Leonardo da Vinci?

Handwriting enthusiast, Justin Avery, creator of BackPocket Notebooks) told us this unusual fact about the artist Leonardo da Vinci . . .

“Leonardo da Vinci used to write most of his stuff in mirror handwriting, unless it needed to be read by others.”

This fact is backed up by this BBC research that says that Da Vinci wrote in a ‘left handed mirror script’. This means he wrote everything backwards, you should try it, it is really tricky!

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You can also read more historical and amazing facts about handwriting in this Telegraph article .      


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