Fantastic Scrapbook Theme Ideas!

We’re bringing you some fantastic themed scrapbook ideas. The perfect excuse to get scrapbooking!!


Wedding scrapbooks

If you are busy preparing for your big day make sure you make a wedding scrapbook to help you.

Event and wedding planner Karen Mhende, who created events company ‘From Karen, With Love Events’ told us:

“The ability to develop ideas on paper is so underrated, but the most beautiful weddings are created by scrapbooking. Plus it’s amazing to look back on the journey and the thought processes that created the most memorable day of your lives.”

Wedding Scrapbook

Karen’s top tips for wedding scrapbooking

  • Scrapbook religiously. It doesn’t matter if you don’t end up using half of the ideas in the book – but you’d be surprised at how many people think “oh I wish we’d remembered to include this!”
  • Another important tip is to remember that weddings are sensory experiences; sometimes scrapbook weird things like scents you love, or textures; it all contributes to the feel of your day.

For more wedding inspiration from Karen click here!

Fashion scrapbooks

Scrapbooking certainly doesn’t have to be expensive!

If you are obsessed with clothes, shoes and accessories, have you ever thought about fashion scrapbooking?

Dig out old magazines and cut out pictures of outfits and models you love and you’ve created your own little piece of fashion history! You can look back in years to come and see what people were wearing in 2017!

Fashion Scrapbook


Continuing the wedding theme . . . if you are bride-to-be it is a fantastic idea to create a scrapbook for your dream wedding dress!

Karen says: “Wedding dresses are just another world of their own. There are so many different elements. You can love a neckline on one dress but hate everything else.

“Scrapbooking again allows you to visualise an idea that might not exist in the magazines –so that you can take that along to a bridal appointment and KNOW what you are looking for.”


Holiday scrapbooks

Scrapbooking expert Krystle Downie, editorial director of It’s My Magazine, says that scrapbooking is all about memories. She told us: “Many people draw satisfaction from scrapbooking as it brings sentimental and nostalgic memories when they flick through.”

Krystle added: “It really allows you to preserve your family history.”

One great way of doing this is creating a scrapbook every time you go on a ‘big holiday’. As well as the photos you take on the holiday you can also include maps and other souvenirs that you pick up whilst you are away.


Birthday scrapbooks

If someone in your family is celebrating a landmark birthday (or even an anniversary) a handmade scrapbook can make a really thoughtful gift.

One great idea for this is getting together loads of old and new photos and complementing them with birthday wishes written in stylish calligraphy.


We really enjoy seeing what you have been making! Please share a photo of your latest scrapbook creation over on our uni-ball Facebook page!



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