Father’s Day Gift, Craft and Card Ideas

Step away from overpriced Father’s Day tat on the high street and check out our guide to cute homemade Father’s Day gifts and cards.

When is Father’s Day 2018?

Before you decide what crafts you are going to make your dad for Father’s Day, you need to know how much time you’ve got to play with.

This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday 17th June, which means the countdown is well and truly on!

Remember, father’s day gifts don’t just have to be for dads, they can also be for stepdads and grandads too.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Tool and stationery organisers

Are you looking to make a Father’s Day gift for an organised kind of guy? Then how about making him some stationery or tool organisers (or both).

Check out this blog post from the ‘Parents’ website which shows you one crafty way of making desk organisers.

You could also make your dad personalised stationery organisers using jars which you’ve personalised using POSCA markers.

For tool organisers, pay a visit to a store like Poundland or B&M and buy a selection of hardy clear plastic boxes in a variety of sizes. Then use your trusty POSCA markers to label them and maybe add a bit of decoration too.

We’re sure the tool organisers will come in handy in any dad or grandad’s beloved garage or shed.

DIY Scrabble tile gift ideas

How sweet is this lovely scrabble tile gift idea? These sorts of crafts are proving very popular at the moment, so instead of buying one, why not make one instead?

To make a basic piece of scrabble art all you really need is a frame, strong glue and a selection of scrabble keys (available from loads of online stores).

If you are feeling a bit brave you can add photographs and even some pen art.

Father’s Day card ideas

Lollipop Father’s Day card

We’ve adapted this lollipop Father’s Day card idea from the ‘crafty morning’ website.

We suggest your make the mini lollipops for your cards using jelly beans and toothpicks. You need to glue these on to plain card and then add your own slogans. Check out some ideas below:

  • Stay Cool Dad
  • You’re So Cool Dad
  • Coolest Grandad

You’re the vest dad – Father’s Day card

If you’ve got a fishing or water sport enthusiast for a Dad, we are sure he will appreciate this ‘You’re the vest’ card idea, which is also from the ‘crafty morning’ site.

The step by step instructions for making this card can be found right here  and though the card is relatively simple to make, sometimes that’s a good thing when you are in a bit of a rush.

We hope you’ve find our guide to making Father’s Day cards and gifts helpful and we’d like to wish all you dads, stepdads and grandads a very happy Father’s Day!


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