Our Favourite Five Bullet Journal Ideas!

Do you love your bullet journal? And are you always on the hunt for inspiration that will make yours better!? Well if you are in need of bullet journal ideas you’ve come to the right place.

How To Bullet Journal

Before we get started on the bullet journal inspiration, have you checked out our uni-ball guides about bullet journals? You can read our post on how to start a bullet journal right here.

Five Fantastic Bullet Journal Ideas

1) Year at a glance page


Near the start of your bullet journal it is a good idea to include a ‘year at a glance page’ where you can mark important dates using colourful pens and distinctive patterns.

You can colour code different events. One idea is to put bright yellow suns around the dates you are going on your summer holidays.


2) Make a key

Whilst we are on the subject of colour coding all good bullet journals have a clear and concise key – once again the more colourful the better.

You can use different symbols for things you need to do and appointments.

3) Page a day

If you are using bullet journaling to get organised but don’t want to feel overwhelmed, split each day into different sections for example morning, afternoon and evening.

4) Book and film wish lists

Bullet journals are all about helping you meet your goals, even if they are fun ones!

We love this idea of making wish lists of books you want to read and films you want to watch.

Why not add lists of places you want to visit, gigs you want to go to or treats that you are saving up for?!

5) Use stickers, stamps, tape and lots of pens!

There are lots of lovely stationery products you can use to add to your bullet journal.

You can get tiny, cute calendar stamps . . .


And also special bullet journal tape and stickers!




When it comes to pens uni-ball’s Erasable Pens are ideal for perfectionists.

And to add that all important colour how about trying a pack of uni-ball Signo Gel Pens ().


These bullet journal ideas came from the Buzz Feed article – ‘23 Bullet Journal Ideas That Are Borderline Genius’





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