Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts: Five Easy Mother’s Day Crafts You Must Try!

Mother's Day crafts: Handmade Mother's Day Gifts: Five Easy Mother's Day Crafts You Must Try!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve searched the internet to bring you five fantastic handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas you MUST try.

This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday March 26th in 2017. The good news is we’ve already spotted loads of beautiful craft ideas from some of our favourite craft bloggers! Read on for handmade Mother’s Day gifts and card inspiration . . .

1) Mother’s Day poems!

Mums love anything sentimental that comes from their kids. So encourage the kids to write out a Mother’s Day poem in some of uni-ball’s sparkling Signo gel pens. Then they can decorate it with drawings and maybe some stickers too!

If you need poetry inspiration take a peek at these!

2) Handprint and footprint flowers

There is no need for babies and toddlers to miss out on making some special Mother’s Day crafts.

This simple handprint and footprint flower idea,  from the A Little Pinch of Perfect craft blog, is really easy to do with the little ones. As an added bonus you can even turn the prints into a Mother’s Day card! Yay!

Handprint & Footprint flower: Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

3) Personalise some wooden letters for your mum

Personalised wooden letters: Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

This is a Mother’s Day craft that can be enjoyed by adults and children. Lots of craft and stationery shops sell wooden letters. So if you pick up the letters spelling mum you have the ideal blank canvas to make something really personal. And here’s how you do it

TOP TIP: Use our selection of POSCA paint markers  to help decorate your wooden MUM letters.  


4) Decorate a flower pot

Decorated flower pot: Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

You can also use our uni-ball POSCA paint markers to decorate a flower pot for your mum, or maybe get your kids to get in on the creative fun!


This blog post from Nurture Store not only tells you how to decorate flower pots but it also has an ingenious hack for minimising mess! This really is a lovely springtime craft.


5) Tea cup Mother’s Day card!

We all know that mums love a good cup of tea! That is why we think this Mother’s Day card is so brilliant and it is SO easy to make too!

Using only a few art and craft supplies (and the all-important teabag) you can produce a super cute teacup card. As well as being a sweet idea it is also really inexpensive!

Here’s how you do it, with thanks to the All Kids Network! 


What Mother’s Day crafts have you made?

If you fancy adding to our list we would love to hear from you! Send a tweet to @uniball_uk or send us a message through our Facebook page


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