Five Fun Crafts to Try This Summer

Does sunshine bring out your creative side? Are you looking for some arts and crafts that get you outside and embracing nature? Then here are five craft ideas that you may want to try this summer.

1) Make your own shell Mermaid jewellery

Show your love for the seaside by making your very own shell necklace or bracelet.


You can pick up a pack of natural craft shells at hobbycraft  and decorate them just like we’ve done above using POSCA markers.


Once you’ve added some colour to your shells you can create a hole using a small drill. Then thread some string or a chain through the hole to create your seashell jewellery. Add some sparkly beads for extra effect too!


For more tips on decorating shells this summer check out our blog post – ‘How to Paint Shells Using POSCA Pens’.  

2) Make your own fairy door

If you are having fun with your POSCA pens you can even use them to make a super simple fairy door, just like this one.

 We think lots of people will be making fairy doors this summer and if you are looking to find out what the fuss is all about click here to read our blog post all about them.

3) Make this sweet summer dreamcatcher


Embrace the summer festival vibe by making this beautiful dreamcatcher . . .

You’ll need brightly coloured string, feathers and ribbons. Then simply follow these instructions from the ‘craft e corner’ blog.

4) Press and dry your summer flowers


This craft is the perfect excuse to go on some lovely nature walks with your family this summer.

As you walk keep your eye out for pretty flowers and plants you can use to press or dry.


Have a read of these instructions from the spruce Crafts,  to find out how to do it.

Once you’ve pressed or dried your flowers you can use them for lots of summery crafts including making beautiful cards and decorations.


5) Try some summery illustrations

Illustrator Anouk (x._anouk on Instagram)recently shared this dainty summery illustration with us and we love it!

If it has inspired you to do some summery illustrations or doodling using uni-ball pens, be sure to tag us on Instagram – @uniball_uk.


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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