Five Fun Things You Can Do with a Posca!

Are you struggling to think of things to keep your kids entertained in the Easter Holidays? Well keep reading for five great art and crafts you can create with the help of our POSCA paint markers!

All mums and dads know that school holidays can feel very long… Especially if you are working with a tight budget or the weather is rubbish!

So we’ve  come up with five inexpensive indoor art and craft ideas you can do with your kids in the holidays! So get your hands on some POSCA’s and start having fun!

1) Wooden spoon Easter crafts!

POSCAs paint pens can write on almost any surface – even wood! So get your hands on some wooden spoons and start decorating them as Easter bunnies or chicks.

You will have fun seeing what funny Easter faces your kids come up with and then add paper ears for the bunnies and fluffy feathers for the chicks.

Nothing beats homemade decorations for Easter parties or egg hunts!


2) Pretty pen pots!

Everyone should have somewhere nice to keep their pens!

For this fun craft all you need is some of our vibrant POSCA markers (there are lots of different colours and varieties) and a few clean empty jars.

Encourage your kids to get really creative with their jars and show their personalities! They can go for a stained glass window effect or decorate it with their initials!

The best thing about this craft is that it will help keep your home tidy and organised! Bonus!


3) Crafty canvas boxes!

Continuing the spring clean theme why not use your POSCAs to jazz up storage boxes. Have a look at what you can do with POSCA markers on a canvas box here (!

Once your kids have finished decorating their boxes you can use them for storing craft supplies for rainy school holidays or maybe for hiding some tasty chocolate Easter eggs.


4) Bug creations!

When the weather allows it, get out in the garden (or head down the beach) with your children and pick out some large smooth stones.

Next get to work adding colour to your stones – transforming them into bugs. Using pretty POSCAs you can turn the stones into ladybirds or slightly more scary creepy crawlies!

This is a fantastic easy craft! Once your kids have finished creating their bugs they can put them in plant pots around the house – cute!


5) Become a fashion designer!

Older children will particularly enjoy this POSCA craft activity. Hand them some old t-shirts or shoes and get them to give them an upgrade using POSCA pens!

This a great way of teaching your kids about upcycling and they’ll feel really cool being a fashion designer for a couple of hours! They can even come up with their own logos!


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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