Five Ideas to Try This Craft Month!

What is craft month?

Craft month takes place every March, with the aim of encouraging both adults and children to take up a new craft hobby or get them to start work on a new art project.

We here at uni-ball are really excited about this year’s craft month as it gives us a chance to try out loads of arts and crafts we’ve wanted to attempt for ages! Hopefully it inspires you to enjoy some quality family time embracing all the crafts you love.

Read on for five ideas YOU can try during craft month!

1. Create a craft box! TOP TIP!

At the start of craft month we suggest getting all your art and craft supplies together in one handy box. There might be some items you need to stock up on but you don’t have to break the bank! Lots of supermarkets and discount high street shops will have what you need.

If you have little children it might be a good idea to have a separate boxes for you and them, just to make sure they don’t get their hands on anything dangerous! Obviously if it’s pens you need we can help you out! 

2. Craft challenge

In need of motivation to get involved with craft month? Then challenge yourself. By searching on Twitter or Facebook for ‘#CraftChallenge’ you will find some pre-existing craft challenges or you can come up with one of your own.

Maybe attempt a new craft each week and see which one you enjoy the most!

3. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is something we are really passionate about! It is totally brilliant because it allows you to do loads of crafts at the same time. Just what craft month is all about! Beautiful scrap books are a great way of storing your photographs, cards and other special memories. And you get to show off your calligraphy and pen art skills at the same time!

4. Mother’s Day card making

This craft is perfect for the little ones and the even littler! Sit them down with some card and their craft box and see what they come up with. Nowadays Mother’s Day isn’t just for mums. Your kids can also make cards for their step mums, grandmas, godmothers and fairy godmothers! Meaning loads of arty Mother’s Day fun for you and your children.

5. Easter gifts

With Easter just around the corner there are plenty of Easter crafts you can make as a family. There are loads of fab craft bloggers out there that have loads of unusual Easter craft ideas for both adults and children. All you need to do is search the social networks! Please tweet links to the best blogs you find to – @uniball_uk!


Make sure your craft boxes include those cute little Easter chicks you remember from your childhood! They are definitely an Easter craft staple. AND remember if you don’t want to get the paints out you can give some of our lovely POSCA paint markers a go (far less mess involved!)

Show and tell!

What arts and crafts are you going to try this month? We’d love for you to share photos of what you make over on our Facebook page 


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