Five of the Best Animal Sculpture Trails For Summer 2018!

Are you ready to go exploring and find some colourful animal sculptures? Then take a look at this list of the five best animal sculpture trails in the UK this summer.

If you have a trail near you we hope you have loads of fun hunting for beautifully decorated animal sculptures, if you don’t, why not turn it into a really fun family day trip?

1) GoGoHares

Norfolk – Starting June 2018

Head to the city of Norwich this summer to track down 50 hopping hares. If you really want to explore, there will also be 15 ‘moon gazer hares’ hidden out in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.


For more information visit the GoGoHares website.


2) Maggie’s Penguin Parade

Dundee – Starting June 2018

Waddling into Dundee at the end of June is Maggie’s Penguin Parade. This particular sculpture trail is fundraising for Maggie’s cancer support centres in Dundee.


As a nice touch, children from across schools in Dundee will be decorating smaller penguins, which will eventually return to live with their adopted school family – cute!


You can find all the details about Maggie’s Penguin parade here.


3) Worcester Stands Tall

Worcester – Starting July 2018


The Worcester Stands Tall team are being very secretive about what their gorgeous giraffes and their calves will look like, which makes this particular sculpture trail even more exciting!


There will be 30 large giraffe sculptures and 27 smaller ones positioned throughout the city. At the end of the trail in September these will be auctioned off in aid of St Richard’s Hospice.


More information about Worcester Stands Tall can be found on their website (

4) Gromit Unleashed 2

Bristol – Starting July 2018

If your family loves all things Wallace and Gromit, you definitely need to head to Bristol this summer!


This is the second time sculptures of Gromit will take over this city. This time around he will be joined by his best mate Wallace and their arch enemy, the penguin Feathers McGraw.


Visit the Gromit Unleashed 2 website to see more amazing images of painted Gromits



5) Bee in the City

Manchester – Starting July 2018

Following the awful bombing in Manchester in 2017 the city has adopted the worker bee as its inspiring emblem. This means the Bee in the City sculpture trail is going to be especially poignant for Manchester’s residents.

There will be over 100 bees waiting to be discovered on the trail. Each bee has been designed to showcase different parts of Manchester’s social scene.

Keep your eye on #BeeintheCity on all social media channels for all the latest news on this amazing sculpture trail.


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