Five of the Best Travel Journals for 2018

Should you start a travel journal? And what makes a good one? Here are five of the best travel journals for 2018 . . .

Whether you are about to head off on a gap year or are going on the holiday of a lifetime, having a travel journal is a great way of keeping memories in once place.

Then in years to come you can have a look back at everything you did and maybe even show the grandchildren!

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a travel journal.

The key to good journal writing is that it doesn’t become a chore. So pick a journal or notebook you are going to love writing in and maybe choose something with handy little extras like places to write lists or draw sketches.

With all that in mind, here are five reasonably priced travel journals that you will want to get your hands on this year. . .

1) Lonely Planet Writing & Sketch Journal 

When it comes to exploring the world the guys at Lonely Planet really know their stuff, which means they have produced a great travel journal.

Each page of this particular journal encourages you do something creative, we really like the sound of that!

2) Safari Summer travel journal – from Paperchase

If you are super stylish we are sure this beauty of a travel journal will tickle your fancy. This journal is very compact meaning it’s the ideal choice if you need to squeeze it into your hand luggage.

3) Milly Green London Icons Travel Journal

Planning a trip to London? Then this is definitely the travel journal you should be taking with you. Designed by Milly Green this journal features her distinctive patriotic designs.

4) Vintage Map Journal – Waterstones

It is the design of this journal that we really love! Nothing screams travel more than a vintage map. This notebook has plenty of space for writing and drawing about your adventures overseas.

5) Kids Travel Journal – by Pauper Press

You are never too young to start your very first travel journal. This one is bright and cheery and we are sure your children will enjoy writing in it.

It allows them to rate each day of their holiday and has space for them to stick in maps, tickets and other special bits and bobs from their trip.

Don’t forget a pen!

Whatever travel journal or notebook you choose to take on your adventures in 2018, you need to remember to take a trusty pen with you . . .

Top tip: The uni-ball Vision Elite pens  are favourites with explorers and airline pilots because of the amazing ‘Airplane Safe’ technology they contain.

Technology that means they won’t leak even when subjected to cabin pressure.

They are also full of Super ink, which is water and fade proof – perfect for doing a bit of journal writing on a beautiful beach!


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