Five Unique Easter Gifts You Can Make!

Are you looking to give your friends of family an Easter present that is extra special?! Well we’ve got five unique Easter gifts you can make this March!

First things first, if you are playing the role of the Easter Bunny this year you are going to need to have some Easter gifts for kids up your sleeve.

Here are three homemade Easter gift ideas your children are sure to love . . .



Easter gifts for kids

1) Easter basket

How sweet is this idea of making a paper Easter basket for your kids? Follow these simple instructions, from Homemade Gifts Made Easy, to make the basket.

Then all you have to do is fill it with Easter eggs and leave it at the end of your child’s bed. Cute!

2) Easter Bunny snow globe

If you are looking for an Easter gift for kids that doesn’t involve any chocolate this Easter, a bunny snow globe is perfect. It is a present that your kids can keep in their bedroom and use year, after year.

Check out this detailed DIY Easter Bunny Snow Globe tutorial from Unify Handmade right here.

3) String Easter eggs

Impress your kids with your artistic skills by making them a super cool string Easter egg. Find out how to try this simple craft right here on the Instructables website.

The great thing about string Easter eggs is that you can fill them with any Easter treats you know your children will love, as long as they aren’t too big!


Easter Gifts For Adults

4) POSCA art Easter mug

Have you seen the branded Easter egg and mug sets available in most supermarkets? Well here’s your chance to make your own personalised one for your friends or family members.

All you need to do is buy some plain white ceramic mugs and then you can add your very own Easter artwork to them using uni-ball’s POSCA markers. You can find out more about using POSCAs on the uni-ball website.

Once you are happy with your artwork fill the mug with one large Easter egg or lots of little ones!

5) Pretty Easter Bag

We think this Easter bag idea is beautiful and perfect if you want to make something for your mum or nanna.

Visit this blog post from the Nana company for instructions to make the pretty Easter bag and even more handmade Easter gift inspiration.

Whether you have made Easter gifts for kids or for adults we’d love to see a photo of what you’ve created. Please share them on our uni-ball Facebook page.

Let us know how much your friends or family loved your handmade Easter gift!


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