Five ways to POSCA a pumpkin this Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkins

Have you spent too many Halloweens carving and scooping out yucky pumpkins? Well this year it is time to try something different and use POSCA pens to decorate the perfect pumpkin.

Interested? Here’s some fun ideas of how you can POSCA your pumpkin . . .

Traditional with a twist

There is no shame in wanting to have a spooky face on your pumpkin but instead of tirelessly carving one out why not POSCA on one instead?

By drawing on your pumpkin, instead of carving it, you can get much more detailed with your ghoulish faces.

The good news is if you decorate your pumpkin instead of carve it, it will last up until Halloween without going mouldy.

Then if you really have the urge to carve it you can do so nearer to the big day.

Colourful pumpkins

Just like POSCAs pumpkins come in many beautiful colours!

This gives you great options for colour coordinating pumpkins for your home.

We totally love these gothic black and gold pumpkins, which you can easily recreate using POSCAs.

Hand lettering

Are you ready to personalise your pumpkins with some beautiful hand lettering? You could try doing it freehand or use a stencil if you are not feeling quite as confident.

If you are going to a Halloween wedding you may well see some there to give you a bit of inspiration.

Or if you are feeling particularly brave you could even use hand lettering on pumpkins to spell out a romantic proposal . . .

We would love to see what beautiful POSCA  pumpkin creations you create. Please share them underneath this blog post on our Facebook page 


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