Flowery Springtime Crafts You’ve Just Got to Try

The days are getting longer and we are starting to remember what sunshine is! In honour of the start of spring we’ve found these flowery springtime crafts you’ve just got to try.

We’ve been keen to find some floral inspired spring crafts because believe it or not, daisy chains aren’t just for kids, flower crafts for adults are becoming increasing popular!

Floral Headbands

If you went to a hen party or festival last year you might have seen that floral headbands were all the rage. So this year do you fancy making your own?

wikiHow have come up with this simple step by guide to making a ‘flower headband’. Or if you prefer your craft tutorials in video form check out this one from Wanderlust, it teaches you how to make a ‘flower crown’.   

Pressed Flower Art

Do you think that pressed flower art sounds a bit boring? Well we’re about to change your mind . . .

Take a look at these beautiful pressed flower designs created by the artist Søstrene Grene.

To give this particular spring craft a go you will have to have a little patience as pressing flowers can take a few weeks. Why not incorporate some illustration into your design using a Fine uni-ball POSCA.

Springtime Flower Phone Case

If you are fully embracing the pressed floral crafts you are going to love this phone case idea from blogger Capture by Lucy.

Lucy says: “ I bought a pack of two plain plastic phone cases from H&M and used some flowers from the garden and a bunch that were looking a little sad on the dining table.

“This is joyful DIY, because the steps you have to go through are just so pretty.”

The steps Lucy mentions are:

1) Pressing the flowers in a flower press (or a heavy book will do).

2) Take some clear nail varnish and pour a little bit on each flower. Then use your brush to smooth the nail varnish over the case.

3) Wait for the nail varnish to dry.

Here is the beautiful finished result . . .           




We’ve still got a fair bit of spring left so we hope you enjoy the extra sunshine and some flower crafts for adults too! 


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