Get The Look: Frosted Festive Season

frosted festive style: cosy frosty looking blankets and wreaths

The frosted festive style is a big hit among interior design fan and hipsters. Why? Because it looks very stylish but it’s also really cosy, just think of a beautifully chic wooden sky lodge and you’re there. We show you how to get achieve this style with some essential frosted buys and some craft tips from Posca.


frosted festive style dinner setting  

How To Create A Stunning Frosty Festive Style!

First of all you’ve got to get the frosted tone right. The key characteristics of this theme is bleached wood tones and white and cream tones combined with soft grey, silver and very muted green shades.  Although this style is very high-end, you can achieve this it on a relatively small budget, have a look at some top buys here.  

frosted festive style blankets, wreath and lights  

Festive style cushions and throws in grey

So you’ve set the scene, why not give it some dressing? As we’ve already mentioned the look focuses on just a few key colours, you can create interest by combining different textures such as wood, velvet, wool and faux fur. To give this rather muted theme some festive sparkle, team it with festive fir leaves, sequins, burnished metallics and glass. So dive in and check out a range of frosted themed soft furnishings here . And don’t forget our Posca pens come in a range of white, cream, grey, green and metallic shades, take a look here .


Festive style homemade candle holders decorated with posca markers

Finally, now you have your frosted festive style down with the scene set and all those lovely textures in play you can get down to adding some crafty finishes with Posca. Use your white and gold Poscas to get your craft on and create handmade decorations. You don’t have to be super precise in your drawing, in fact the more rustic the better; the handmade element gives the frosted look some extra charm. For motif ideas and templates head to the  Posca Make Today website.

We’d love to see your frosted festive style crafts and furnishings, why not share them with us on our Uni-ball facebook page?


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