How To Get Organised This New Year

How to get organised this new year : post it notes

Do you often forget birthdays, double book yourself, or struggle to meet deadlines? If this sounds like you, then this article is here to show you how to get organised this new year!

How To Get Organised This New Year

In our humble opinion, getting organised starts with having the right stationery. With that in mind we have rounded up the best guides to diaries and calendars that you’ll need to get your hands on if you want to be more organised.

The best diaries for 2018

We’ve taken a peak at the much respected Indy Best List of diaries for 2018.

Diaries making their ‘top 14’ include the Moleskine Smart Diary that can ‘sync with your digital calendar’ – yes you did read that right.

how to get organised this new year: moleskin smart diary

The Moleskine Smart Diary


Their reviewer was also impressed by the Rifle Paper Diary from Paperchase, saying: “It is a wonderful daily companion that will motivate you to do more with your week with its to-do-list layout.” (We think it looks pretty stylish too).

how to get organised - paperchase diary

To read the comprehensive list of the ’14 best diaries for 2018’ click here.


Colourful calendars for 2018?

According to this Indy Best List there are loads of tempting calendars on the market ready for 2018. Ranging from wall planners to desk calendars.

These calendars prove that New Year organisation doesn’t have to be dull. We were particularly tempted by these two.

how to get organised - pink wall calendar by oliver bonas

The Oliver Bonas Wall Calendar

how to get organised this new year - wall planner

Lollipop Designs Colour Year Planner

Get organised With Your Own Personalised Calendar

Of course we’re all about arts and crafts, so if you’ve got a creative streak you could always get organised by making your own calendar, you could even personalise it as you make it.

Check out our guide – How To Make Your Own Calendar This New Year.

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Are you already super organised for the New Year and have a completely different New Year’s resolution?

Over on our uni-ball Facebook page we will be sharing inspirational and funny New Year illustrations, so make sure you take a look!


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