Great Children’s Activities For Summer

Most parents will appreciate just how tricky it can be to think of summer activities for the kids. So, with the help of a few mums and bloggers we’ve made this guide to kids craft ideas to keep your children entertained over the school holidays.

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What are a few good arts and crafts ideas?

Craft blogger, teacher, and mum Ruth Cartwright, has suggested these summer craft activities for outdoors.

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Pavement chalking

Here’s a simple summer craft idea that can make sure you get your kids having fun and getting creative outside. If you don’t want to miss out on the action, get your hands on some of our uni-ball chalk markers.

Water art

If we’re lucky enough to get another heatwave you could try some summer activities for kids that involve water.

Ruth suggests painting with water on the pavement for ‘temporary pictures’ and also making patterns using water bomb splash painting. These are both inexpensive activities that kids will love.

Printing with leaves and flowers

The best thing about summer has to be the amount of natural materials that are on tap to get creative with. You can encourage your kids to make pretty pictures using leaf and flower prints or use the leaves and petals to give a natural feel to the piece of artwork they are working on. Not forgetting flower pressing!

Slide painting

If you are interested in messier children’s activities, Ruth has an inventive idea. She told us: “Tape paper to a slide and then run cars with painted wheels down it.”

What arts and crafts can I make at home?

Fun activities when it’s raining!

Unfortunately British summertime does tend to involve a fair bit of rain so it is important that you’ve got indoor ideas for activities for kids when you can’t get out in the garden.

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Colouring in

Colouring books and colouring-in sheets can be summer holiday lifesavers! We recommend printing out loads of colouring in sheets from the Activity Village website  and stocking up on uni-ball’s super bright Drawing & Colouring range.

Create the sunshine

Craft blogger and mum Kate Williams has loads of fantastic summer activities for kids on her Crafts on Sea website.

If it is raining outside you can try these sunshine themed kids craft ideas from it is amazing what you can create using pens and paper plates.

When it comes to fun kids activities we think it is great to have a theme. If you have any summer kids craft ideas please send them our way on Twitter by tweeting us @uniball_uk.


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Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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