5 Ways to Posca Your Halloween!

Halloween pumpkin plates - posca markers

Posca markers and pens are ideal for Halloween crafting. Because they go on virtually every surface they can be used for a range of spooky makes so your fright-night will be the best yet! We’ve got five quick and easy projects using every day household objects that you can turn around in minutes – great if you’re in a hurry.


Halloween cat drawn on a tin can - posca markers

Simple Halloween Craft Ideas Using Posca Markers!

1: Tin Witches Cats

Simply spray a set of tin cans black add features with your silver, white, green and pink Posca markers. Add little cardboard ears (we’ve used light pink cards coloured with black Posca) and pop a candle in for a cute take on Halloween decs.

We have even more inspiration Halloween projects here

Halloween plate design using posca markers

2:Pumpkin plates

Spook up a set of orange plates by drawing pumpkin features with your black Posca pens.


Bat design using posca markers and old toilet rolls

3: Toilet roll critters

This is a great recycling project – after all who doesn’t have empty toilet rolls? Use an 8k black Posca marker to colour the body of the bat as pictured. Add features with your green, black and white Posca pens, then attach a pair of black card bat wings (with added white Posca details) with double-sided tape. Why not create a set of Halloween characters with these cardboard tubes and your Posca pens? 

Check out our range of Posca pens here

Halloween ghost candles created using posca markers 


4: Melting ghosts

Poscas work on candles too! Just draw black circles with your Posca marker as shown to make a set of ghostly figures that melt as the candle goes down.

It’s easy to use Poscas on candles, take a look at our snowman candle project here



Cobweb design drawn on glass jars with posca markers

5: Scary lanterns

Use white, silver and black Poscas to draw spooky spider webs onto jam jars to make lanterns. If you’re not confident with your drawing, print out our spider web images found online, cut out, pop under the glass and trace. 

See how we trace on glass by watching our votive making video


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