Olivier Jamin produces amazing artwork using paint and POSCA pens. A contemporary artist, who has been Deaf since birth, Olivier specialises in hand drawn multicoloured art and Stencil Graffiti arts. He produces intricate, vibrant work that combines the effect of colours and patterns and raises peoples imaginations and awareness, especially regarding deafness and disabilities.

Olivier is constantly experimenting and finding new ideas and concepts. Much of his work is inspired by many influences taken from personal life experiences of being Deaf and also from his travels to Europe, Kenya and India.

Most of Olivier’s artwork is created by the use of dotting, lines, vibrant colours, abstract forms and shapes. His work is influenced by Divisionism and Australian art by aboriginal people. He creates time-lapse videos showing the journey of his drawings that you can watch on his YouTube channel: OJART channel

Here are some words from the man himself…

“I enjoy creating new pieces with a mix of influences and media, such as blending my photography with line drawings and so on. Of course sometimes I go back to the old fashioned pen and paper and I always keep learning new skills with new materials for example, using POSCA Pens.

I love the response I get from people who view my exhibitions and artwork. I always find that when I give a tour at my exhibitions and the audience learn the story behind the image they are always fascinated and inquisitive to know more.

My favourite pieces are Bostin’ and Alright Bab, as this represents my time living in Birmingham and the ‘brummie’ lingo. When viewing Alright Bab I’ve seen older generations chuckle or smile without saying anything. I’ve then witnessed them telling younger generations about the language; I realised how important it was to keep this culture known along with accents, such as Black County, Birmingham, Liverpool and so on.

Other favourites of mine are Janus Geminis and Affectionate. Janus Geminis is about a Roman/Greek myth of a God face looking both East and West, as well looking to the past and present. I like myth stories and even today we always moving forward while looking to the past. I bring the past ideas to the present day in some of my pieces through techniques such as dotwork and layering.

POSCA has allowed me to try many different types of pens sizes as well as a range of colours. This has encouraged me to create lots more artwork than before; it’s exciting as I am challenging myself to think of innovative ways to use the colours on bright or dark coloured background. I’ve used a range of POSCA pens and they have all been played an essential part of my artwork. I appreciated the quality of the pens and there is no strong potent smell like others, which is a winner.

My biggest artistic achievement was displaying my outdoor public artworks on three large scale panels (3m x 1.5m) in Birmingham Grand Central Station and a large piece inside the NCP car parks over three floors. I’ve also had solo exhibitions at John Lewis, Birmingham and Leeds. I love the idea of my artwork being projected on a grander scale. It would be great to see my work blown up and displayed as a banner or on a digital billboard on the side of a high rise building. If it was presented at a famous landmark like New Times Square, then that would be the dream!”

See more of Olivier’s work on his website: ojart.net and follow my journey via Facebook: www.facebook.com/olivierjaminartist and Instagram @oliverjaminartist

Olivier also runs Vinyl T-Shirt printing workshops in collaboration with Sunny Digital Prints all over the UK. For more information on how to book email hello@ojart.net. He also has a solo exhibition from 3 July to 31 January 2019: Highbury Hall, Birmingham. Free entry but please contact Highbury Hall for availability to allow entrance to the building. Opportunity to buy anytime during the exhibition.


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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