PISTACHE is a Multidisciplinary Art Studio owned and operated by brothers Nick and Jamie Bennett.

PISTACHE was originally established in London in 2003 as a UK Hip-Hop clothing brand. The brothers now spend most of the year in Bayonne, France where they also own and operate a ‘hand poked’ tattoo studio called Indigenous Tattoo.

The duo travel around the world working with brands and clients on various activities and events. PISTACHE projects vary from in-store customisation, live painting in museums, galleries, festivals and events to private commissions and teaching art courses with youth groups.

Here the brothers give us the low-down on their career, influences and work. They also tell us what POSCAs they like to use for their projects…

Jamie:“We grew up around North London and Hertfordshire. Before Pistache started in 2003, we worked in the fashion, skate, surf, streetwear industries working our way up from shop assistants to marketing executives. I don’t know if there was one big break, but sponsoring our friends in the UK Hip-Hop scene like Yungun, Mr Thing, Tommy Evans, Harry Love (and many more) really gave us exposure early on.”

Nick: “Our early influences were really broad, we just soaked up everything that was happening around us growing up in London in that era. Our father, who’s an incredible artist, introduced us to the world of art, artists and art galleries etc.

“The 80’s/90’s Skate, Surf and Hip-Hop scenes were another huge influence; the do-it-yourself mentality of painting your own board graphic when the original wore off, or customising your own clothing, really made an impact on us. We were always painting our own shoes or denim jackets as a means to express ourselves as individual. It’s way more exciting than just buying whatever is in fashion at the given time.

“It’s really hard to describe our work, but I guess to sum it up, we create one-off items, and pieces of art. We love to create something unique, and personal, even out of the most mundane items.”

Jamie:“We try our hardest not to get stuck on one style of art and keep each project fresh. Maybe it’s not the most commercial approach, but we’d hate to be one of those artists who gets stuck painting the same thing for the rest of  their life. I guess at a really basic level, we just like making people happy. 

 “We like to connect and work with larger and smaller brands, artists, photographers, models, interior designer. Anyone creative (or anyone who needs our services to give their project the creative dimension that it needs). So get in touch if you want to discuss any kind of project or just meet up for a beer.We’re really interested in helping rejuvenate brands that are not getting the love they deserve. 

“One of our proudest moments was when we were invited to The Royal Academy of Arts to paint live and exhibit some of our work. Other things that come to mind  are a full size Guernica commission and painting surfboards for some of the best surfers in the world like Maude Le Car.” 

Nick: “One of our stand out projects was painting at the KUL Sign festival in Kuala Lumpur. Sharing techniques and ideas with all the local artists, and meeting the prime minister of Malaysia while painting the walls of the city was a really special and unique experience

“For me, the best thing about what we do is travelling all over the world, and meeting people from all walks of life. It provides so much inspiration, pushing our work to evolve in ways we could never have imagined in our wildest dreams!” 

Jamie: “As a product, we use POSCAs on pretty much every art project we work on. As a brand, we’ve had great support from the POSCA team. Even before we had any connections with the brand, we were always using their products. We use PC-1MR, PC-5M, PC-8K and 17K in pretty much all the colours. I really like the expansion of the Fluorescent range.” 

Nick: “I’m a big fan of  the PC-1MR in Black! We use them on pretty much every project we undertake. They make painting fine detail on all types of materials (especially on fabric) possible.”

You can find out more about PISTACHE on the following channels

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