How To Paint Shells Using POSCA Pens

We love bringing you all the latest craft ideas, and right now we are going to show you how to paint shells using POSCA markers. We hope you give it a go!

The popularity of painted rocks, fairy gardens and fairy doors means that painting shells is surely set to be one of the next craft trends. So here’s the lowdown on how you do it.

Where to get your shells

If you take shells from a beach you are treading on rocky ground (see what we did there). It is highly unlikely you are going to get arrested for picking up shells from the shore – but it is frowned upon by environmentalists.

To be on the safe side you are best off buying your shells at your favourite craft store!

Which POSCA markers are best for painting shells?

Painting shells can be a delicate process so we recommend you use POSCA’s fine or extra-fine markers.

Drawing on shells by gyrovaguejess on Instagram 

This will allow you to add dainty artwork and illustrations and also write on them if you plan to hide them in a similar way to painted rocks…

  Shell artwork by butterfly.rouge on Instagram 

Shells can also look effective if you decorate them in a more minimalist way just like this . . .

Rocks painted in natural colours like the white or ivory POSCA markers can make great decorative pieces for your garden or even your bathroom.

Make your own shell jewellery

If you have always wanted to make your own jewellery you should check out this simple guide to making a pretty shell necklace.

Once you have followed all the instructions you can add your very own touch to your creation using your POSCA pen of choice.

Then share a photo of your shell art on our uni-ball Facebook page, we really would love to see it!


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