How To Use Posca Pens – A Pen For Every Surface!

Have you heard about our Posca pens and are wondering what all the fuss is about? We’re here to give you the lowdown on these amazing paint markers and tell you exactly how to use Posca pens and what surfaces you can use them on.

How to use posca pens - posca pens

What are Posca Pens?

Posca drawing markers use water-based pigment ink that produces vibrant colours similar to poster paint.

As well as coming in a huge variety of different colours and tip sizes, artists love Poscas because they are incredibly versatile, meaning they can be used on SO many different surfaces including paper, stone, glass, cardboard, deramics, wood and fabric to name but a few.

Which surfaces can I use Posca Pens on?

We’ve come up with this helpful list that shows you fab examples of how artists and craft bloggers have used Posca pens on different surfaces.

1) Glass

How to use posca pens - posca on martini glass - Emmeline Illustration

Multi-award winning illustrator Emmeline Pidgen has recently been experimenting with using Posca pens for the first time.

In her fantastic blog post, all about Poscas, she says: “The only thing I really knew about Posca pens was that they’re the go-to pen for drawing on glass as they have such a broad range of sizes and have an opaque finish.”

How to use Posca pens on glass:

If you are worrying about using Posca pens on glass – don’t.

Emmeline says: “You’ll be glad to know that after a little sketch or two with the Posca pens on my own home windows, they look amazing and clean off perfectly with water and a tiny dash of washing up liquid, phew!”

2) Ceramics

how to use posca pens - posca on ceramic pot - Emmeline Illustration

Continuing her blog post about how to use Posca pens, Emmeline said: “I had to restrain myself from bounding about the house doodling on everything like a three year old on a sugar high.

“I particularly enjoyed adding a little pizzazz to this flower pot and I have some big plans for the potential to illustrate my designs onto ceramic jewellery over the next few weeks.”

This proves that if you are looking for ceramic paint pens – choose Posca. Then you can use them on all the other suitable surfaces too!

3) Plastic

Carrying on the plant pot theme check out these pretty plastic plant pot designs created by craft blogger Jennifer Jain (with the help of Posca Pens).

how to use posca pens - posca on a mobile phone case

How to use Posca pens on plastic:

Jennifer says: “First I cleaned the pots thoroughly, and then I gave them a light sanding to make sure that the colour would stick. Posca pens are really good at covering different surfaces though, and to be honest this wasn’t needed!

“The colours go on top of each other really well too, even if you are using a lighter colour on top of a darker colour, meaning that it’s easy to touch up your design and make sure that the lines between different colours remain smooth. It’s also easy to embellish your design after putting down a base colour.”

Do you love the chunkier drawing markers or prefer the fine liners?

Whatever your preference we would love to see your Posca skills. Please share a photo of any of your Posca arts and crafts over on our Facebook page or if you’re looking for real inspiration, find us on Instagram.



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