Ideas For Decorative Wall Art In Your Home

Decorative wall art is an artistic way of stamping your identity on your home. Take a look at these awesome ideas for impressive wall art . . .

Artist Emma Graham is often commissioned to create large wall art ideas in her customer’s homes.

She told us: “I did something for a local couple last year, they wanted a family tree to add photos to on their stairs wall.


“This was not an easy piece of wall art as the house had a very high ceiling but it went well and I left spaces for their photos.”

Emma added: “With wall art it is a case of looking at the space available and seeing where to wrap designs around and utilise the space best for the design.”


Take a look at Emma’s website to find out more about her artwork .

Another example of beautiful, decorative wall art created by artist Emma Graham*


But you don’t have to be a trained artist to give wall art a go, check out this super cute time-lapse video of dad-to-be Adam Haddock and his stepson, working on a large piece of wall art in the new baby’s nursery.




Where to look for wall art ideas


Adam told us how he came up with his wall art idea. He says: “We basically wanted a mountain theme after looking up nursery ideas on Google and Pinterest.


“Pinterest was particularly handy as it gave us loads of options and ideas on what would work in the room.”


But how easy was it to do?


Adam says: “It was fairly easy actually, the difficult part was working out which part of the mountain to start with and I just layered it from there.”

He continued: “FrogTape really came into its own. I used it in another room I was decorating and that’s what made me decide to use it in the nursery.”

TOP TIP: If you fancy giving wall art a go you might want to incorporate POSCA pens into your design.

A little flourish from a POSCA could help add extra detail to your wall art design. Or maybe you want to add your initials if you are feeling rightly proud of your wall art idea!


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