Get the Look with a Jewelled Christmas

 How to get a jewelled Christmas theme


 A Jewelled Christmas Theme for this Festive Season!

The festive season is the perfect time to explore your more flamboyant side. If the traditional Christmas palette of red, green and white is too conventional for you then opt for luxe metallic and glitter tones for your Christmas theme. Teamed with a black drop of black or white, shiny jewel tones like the shades we feature in our metallic and sparkly Posca sets will add an opulent feel to your seasonal decorations and wrapping. Here are five shopping and craft ideas to get you started…

 How to Get The Jewelled Christmas Look

 1:  Adorable accessories

Christmas theme - ornate candles and holders

First things first, the vibe you’re going for is luxe and twinkly so set the scene with tea lights in metallic and jewel-coloured votives. The metallics reflect twinkly light creating a shimmery, magical effect while the jewel shades add a real luxurious note, perfect for a glamorous take on a cosy night in. You can get these votives from Amara. Why not decorate some glass tea light holders in metallic and sparkly Posca colours?


2: Plush plumage

christmas theme - coloured peacock ornaments

christmas theme - glasses decorated ornately with Posca pens

Because this look uses Peacock style colours, peacock feathers are a fave motif of those who love to add an opulent element to their Christmas decor, hang these little fellas from Amara on your tree. You can also try drawing your own peacock feather onto a glass votive with your Poscas like the one pictured here.


 3: Decadent tables

Christmas theme - shiny wine glasses

christmas theme - christmas crackers

To really make the most of this theme, ensure your festive feast is gorgeously glam by sticking to your shiny theme. The turquoise glasses from George Home are ideal. These metallic crackers also work well with this theme and you can always brighten them up with a gold or silver Posca.


 4: Wonderful walls

christmas theme - bauble christmas wreath

Furthermore, you don’t have to be rich to get this high-end look, check out this wonderful bauble wreath from Poundland. Put this on your front door to show people you mean business. Don’t forget you can also buy a range of low-cost decorations from Poundland to Posca, check them out here.

 5: Luxurious wrapping


christmas theme - personalised wrapping paper with Posca

Finally, use your Posca pens to add a glamorous finishing touch to your Christmas wrapping. Here we’ve used Posca glitter pens in shades of blue, purple and green, on white paper to create an ornate dotty design. Find your perfect glitter pens here and try them for yourself.


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