Kids’ Art Projects For The New School Year

Are YOU on the hunt for back to school arts and crafts activities? Keep reading for kid’s art projects you MUST try in the classroom in the new school year!

We’ve teamed up with teacher Zoë Dodd, to bring you some exclusive art and craft ideas to try with your pupils when they come back to school.

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What Are Some Good Ideas For Back To School Arts And Crafts Activities?

In Zoë’s opinion back to school art activities should not only be fun for the children but also allow the teacher to assess their pupils. Here are her back to school art activities . . .


Zoë suggests getting your pupils to use mirrors to make paintings or collages of their faces and also make a hand prints. The children can then write their names amongst their artwork. This a good way of welcoming them into the new school year.

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Get reception children to draw self-portraits of themselves using just a black pen on white paper and then write their name. Use this as an assessment tool by repeating it at the end of the year to hopefully show progress.

Craft Ideas For Schools

Zoë has also given us loads of back to school craft ideas, including card making. She likes to get her pupils to make a get well soon card for Humpty Dumpty with an egg shape on a brick stamped wall.

Also on her list for craft ideas for schools Zoë suggests testing out her pupil’s scissor skills by getting them to cut out simple drawings of flowers (like daisies). Then she encourages the children to make a ‘flower garden’ by sticking them down on a green background.

She told us this is a great way of finding out which children have held scissors before.

If you’re a teacher it would be brilliant if you could share your back to school art and craft ideas with us on our Facebook page.

For more inspiration you can take a look at Zoë Dodd’s blog – ‘Zoë did that!’ right here .


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