Are You Stuck For Kids Party Ideas? Why Not Take A Look At Our Kids Craft Party Ideas!

kids arts and craft party

Arranging birthday parties for kids can be stressful. But we’re here to help with fun kids party ideas with an arts and crafts theme!

What is a Kids Arts and Crafts Party?

According to party planning expert Christine Gauvreau: “If you have a child who really loves to get his or her hands working on some kind of art project, a craft party may be the perfect way to celebrate your budding artist’s birthday.”

The good news is an arts and crafts party can still include fun kid’s party games and treats!

Kids Birthday Party Invites

To kick off the excitement in the run up to your kid’s craft party you should definitely get them involved in making their own birthday party invites. Encourage them to be as creative as possible with loads of glitter, paint, pens and all the important party details.

TOP TIP: You might want to specify on the invites that the guests shouldn’t wear the best party clothes – things might get a tad messy!

A boy drawing a painting - kids craft party ideas

What are Good Kids Crafts For Parties?

Two boys with a drawing of a birthday cake - kids craft party ideas

Read on for five fantastic and inexpensive arts and crafts ideas that will guarantee a super fun kids party. . .

1) Teacher and craft blogger Zoë, suggests getting the kids at the party to make their own fancy dress. It really doesn’t have to be too complicated or expensive.

One of Zoë’s ideas is to decorate hairbands (Alice bands) with bunny ears made with cardboard and stuck on with PVA glue. Or you could give mask making a go.

2) Party guests will want to have something to take home. We’ve recently shared this cute guide to creating pebble bugs which would be an easy idea to pull off at a kids party.

Pebble bugs are super-simple to make, all you need is smooth pebbles and some of uni-ball’s colourful POSCA markers

TOP TIP: A pebble bug can be your perfect alternative to a party bag.

3) Kids parties aren’t something that you will want to forget and they certainly won’t want to forget them either.

A lovely art idea we’ve seen done at kids parties is finger painting. Finger painting is fantastic as it is something that all ages can take part in.

All the party guests can get involved in making a big finger painting for the birthday boy or birthday girl. You will end up with a lovely keepsake of your child’s arts and craft party.

A girl paint drawing with hands - kids craft party ideas

4) Christine suggests decorating balloons as a fun kids craft activity. In her blog post she says: “Balloons are always a simple, fun staple of the birthday party décor.

“Instead of ordinary balloons, however, why not dress them up in crafty style? You can use paint, markers, glitter, stickers or even sheets of paper and fabric to turn them into just about anything from abstract orbs to adorable animals.”

5) If you want to ensure that the arts and crafts stay strictly outside, you need to get your hands on some uni-ball chalk markers.

Get the enthusiastic party goers to have a chalk drawing competition and make sure you have an arts and crafts related prize for the winner!

TOP TIP: After the chalk drawing competition has finished, a few rounds of hopscotch might help burn off some of the birthday cake!

Please let us know if you can think of any other kid’s party games that involve chalk.  Send your games to us via our uniball Facebook page.

To read more ideas for kids craft birthday parties have a read of this blog post from Christine Gauvreau on the Spruce website.


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