I Love To Write Day: Activities For Kids!

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Parents and teachers take note! We’ve put together a list of fun activities that you can use to celebrate I Love To Write Day 2017.

What is I Love To Write Day?

I Love To Write Day is the brainchild of author John Riddle. When John started it he said: “My goal for I Love To Write Day is to have people of all ages spend time writing.

“They can write a poem, a love letter, a greeting card, an essay, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel . . . the possibilities are endless.” 

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With I Love To Write Day fast approaching (it takes place on November 15th) take a peek at these writing activities you can try with kids at home or in the classroom.

Fun Writing Activities for Children

1) Write their own autobiography

We think this idea is really sweet, especially if you are a teacher trying to learn about a new pupil.

Encourage the child to tell you a bit about themselves through their writing and drawing. We are sure they will make you giggle.

If you are looking for a printable template, this one on the Scholastic website has the perfect front and back cover. You can download it here.


2) Make their own newspaper or magazine

This idea is a fun one to try at home. Dig out all your arts and craft supplies and help your children to make their own newspaper. The stories in it can be real life or imaginary, just as long as it gets everyone writing.

I love to write day: lots of cut out paper letters in multiple colours

If your children don’t enjoy writing they could try making a magazine instead. This can involve sticking down photographs and even cutting out letters to make headlines.

Even If your child just writes a few words, that can be a big achievement for them. It’s a simple way for them to take part in I Love To Write Day.

3) Post box fun

If you are trying to introduce your pre-schooler or reception age child to writing you will need to make it really fun to capture their attention.

An easy way of doing this is making a little post box and posting letters into it. In simple terms explain that you need to put a name on the envelope, so it gets to the right person. Then encourage them to write names like ‘Dad’ or ‘Mum’ or ‘Nan’.

This is basic stuff but as the founder of I Love To Write Day did say, he wanted it to be for all ages.

4) Outdoor writing

If you’ve got a school playground or decent patio at your disposal why not take the writing outdoors?

Teachers and parents can use uni-ball’s colourful chalk markers to make a spider diagram and grid outside.

Give the children some chalk so that they can fill in the spider diagram of all the things they can see in the garden or playground. With the grid they can fill it in with all the wildlife they think they might see and then do a tally when they spot a particular animal or plant.

The kids will get plenty of fresh air, learn about their environment and most importantly enjoy writing at the same time!

5) Kindness cards

We really like John Riddle’s idea of making greeting cards for I Love To Write Day. Obviously there’s Christmas coming up but we think it be really nice for little ones to spread some love by sending cards to their friends or family members who are feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Because we all know, sometimes just a few handwritten words can make someone’s day better.

Check out Our Handwriting Advice!

Great news! If you are looking for activities to help your children or pupils with their handwriting we’ve got a whole board dedicated to handwriting advice here on our Pinterest page.  We’ve also got lots of helpful information here on our blog, why not start with some tips on how to help your child improve their handwriting or our free, downloadable worksheets.


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