Make a falling leaves November journal opener

EYE pen journal autumn idea
Celebrate autumn and embrace the new season with all its wonders and make a falling leaves November journal opener with EYE micro UB-157 pens.

One of the world’s favourite pens for over 20 years, the uni-ball Eye Micro rollerball gives you a super smooth, crisp line and excellent colour coverage.

Like many of uni-ball’s products it combines their unique ‘uni-flow’ ink delivery with uni Super Ink technology. This makes the UB-157 water, fade and tamper proof. The window barrel allows you to see when the ink is running out. So they are great for prolonged daily use.

Because of the micro-detailed nature of the lines the pen produces it is perfect for handwriting. It is also great for sketching and technical drawing. The Eye Micro comes with a 0.7mm nib and is available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine. All this combine to make the pens absolutely perfect for journaling!

Falling leaves November journal: step 1

Falling leaves november journal

Use your Eye Micro colours to make your basic leaf shapes. Remember to give each falling leaf a central line from top to bottom as shown.  Make sure you vary the size, shape and colour of each leaf so you have a balanced design. Remember too, to leave room for your falling leaves November journal title.

Autumn journal page: step 2

Falling leaves november journal

Using your central line as a guide, draw slanted or curved lines from the middle to edge of your leaf shape. Colour in and fill between some of the lines. Then add lines, dots, circles, criss-crosses, diamonds and zigzags between the stripes as shown.

Falling leaves November journal: step 3

Falling leaves november journal

Now write in your title. Use different coloured EYE pens to create interest. Mix up your cursive and straight text and upper and lower case letters for added character.

Falling leaves november journal


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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