Make a May Motivation journal opener

We’re loving curating our journal opener series, so this month we thought we’d try journaling with our new EMOTT pens to make a May Motivation journal opener.

We are always going on about the benefits of journaling. That’s because it’s so good for you. It’s a great way to perfect your handwriting, a wonderful way to gather your thoughts and an excellent way to practice mindfulness. It also makes the most of your stationery stash so what’s not to love? A monthly motivation journal will really help you focus on the things that make you happy, or give you that push you need – why not try doing one for the month of May with your new EMOTT pens? The pens are currently exclusively available in-store from WHSMith.

You don’t have to be an amazing illustrator or confident drawer to create our May Motivation journal opener. This merely involves inter-connecting straight lines and your EMOTT pen colours to create a dynamic geometric design that anyone can try.

You will need

EMOTT Pens Journal
So all you need is a journal, a ruler and the new No 5 EMOTT five-piece ‘Candy Pop” set.  You may want an optional pencil to sketch out any text. While the pens look sleek and delicate, the EMOTT’s durable tip doesn’t bend or split. This ensures a consistent line-width at any angle or pressure plus its solid build and no-bleed quality means they are great to use with rulers and stencils.

Step 1 Start with cool shades
EMOTT geometric journal

The EMOTT five-piece ‘Candy Pop” set features a beautiful collection of complementary shades. So whatever design you create, the pen colours will work wonderfully together to design something harmonious and pleasing. The predominant hues in this collection are based within the cool colour spectrum (Light Violet, Light Blue and Emerald Green), enlivened by a Coral and Light Pink.
EMOTT geometric journal
So, it’s always good to start with the cool colours. First, use your ruler and Light Blue EMOTTs to make dramatic diagonal lines across your journal pages, making sure to leave space in the centre of the page.
EMOTT geometric journal
Build your cooler foundation with the Light Violet and Emerald Green EMOTTs. Make sure you create an exciting design by intersecting and overlapping your diagonal lines.

Step 2 Add your text

We wanted a dynamic design to enhance our May motivation journal message, which is why we opted for our geometric design. The great thing about EMOTT pens is that don’t bleed so you can work them over each other. So with this simple design we work our “May” text over our lines as illustrated.

First we sketched out our text in pencil to go over it with our Coral and Light Pink EMOTTs.

We used our Coral EMOTTs to spell out the “May”, to give it further ‘edge’ we used a ruler when defining this text.  We simply went over the cursive text with our Light Pink EMOTT freehand.

Step 3 Complete with bright accents

As stated earlier, the cool blueish shades are enlivened by the pink tones in this collection. So finish your journal opener with some Coral and Light Pink lines.

For more EMOTT ideas check out our YOUTUBE channel.


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