Make Easy Festive Gift tags with POSCA

Elevate your presents, impress your loved ones and make easy festive gift tags with POSCA paint markers. Simply follow this handy festive step by step guide.

Make Easy Festive Gift tags with POSCA

A white POSCA looks amazing on dark surfaces. They look particularly amazing for Christmas makes. This stark contrast between light and dark can look incredibly impressive. This striking look means you don’t actually have to be a super skilled drawing expert – as it hides a multitude of sins!

Here we talk you though a very simple festive illustration technique you can try with your white POSCA paint markers. This simple mistletoe motif looks very effective on gift tags and cards so why not give it a go?

Make Easy Festive Gift tags with POSCA 1: Simple strokes

Xmas tags with POSCA

First make curved lines around the gift tag with white PC-1M POSCA paint marker.

Simple mistletoe tags 2: Add ornate leaves

Christmas tags with white POSCA

To create your mistletoe leaves, use your white POSCA pen to draw upside-down curved tear-shapes along the central stem line and colour them in.

Hand-drawn tags 3: Adorn your illustration

Christmas tags with POSCA pens

Draw in clusters of three little berries and single dots along the stems with the white PC-1M POSCA paint markers.

Make Easy Festive Gift tags with POSCA 4: Write in your message

Make Easy Festive Gift tags with POSCA

The great thing about 1M POSCA paint markers is they are so fine that you can use them to write as well as to draw with. So use your POSCA pen to write messages and names on your tag for a cohesive look.

For more Christmas illustration how-tos and guides, check out our festive video tutorials on our YOUTUBE channel.


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