How To Make Your Own Calendar This New Year!


make your own calendar with Posca Pens

If you’re bored of cute animal calendars, we’d suggest that you try calendar craft. Here’s our tips on how to design your own personalised calendar for the 2018!

Cool Calendar Craft Ideas

Whether you are a mum or dad looking to make your own calendar with your children, or have been tempted to give it a go yourself. Make sure you keep reading . . .

We’ve got all the calendar craft hacks you need from stylish paper calendars to simple ideas for making a wall calendar.

How To Make Your Own Wall Calendar?

Search ‘printable calendars’ on your favourite internet search engine and you will find loads of inspiration for you or your little one’s calendar design.

This is a chance for your children to get the pens, paints and glitter out ready to make lovely backgrounds for each month of the year. Think love hearts for Valentine’s Day, ice lollies for August and autumnal colours, pumpkins and leaves for September and October.

Or your little ones can decorate plain calendars using uni-ball’s colourful drawing and colouring pens, which you can find out more about here.

Then take a look at the picture below for some homemade calendar inspiration!

make your own calendar wall calendar designs


If you’re an adult we think you will LOVE this idea for a vintage calendar, which is a stylish way of storing your memories.

make your own calendar vintage style photo calendar

Website homedidit gives these instructions for creating your very own vintage journal and they’ve thrown in a few other personalised calendar ideas too.

Vintage photo calendar - make your own calendar

The folks at homedit say to make your own calendar you will need:

  • A fruit box
  • 12 postcards
  • 180 lined index cards measuring 4 x 6
  • A date stamp (or you can handwrite dates)
  • A paper cutter (or scissors will do fine)

First you have to cut the index cards in half. Next, trim the postcards so that they are the same width of the index cards but make sure the postcards are slightly longer.

Then organise the cards in date order and you are finished!

This idea was originally posted by designsponge.

Have a Happy and Organised New Year

Are you trying to be more organised in 2018? What sort of personalised calendar will you or your children be making?

If you’ve had a go at making your own calendar share a photo of your calendar craft by posting in on Instagram and tagging @uniball_uk!

We wish you a very organised 2018!


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