Make Your Own Pen Pots and Stationery Organisers

It’s always super frustrating when you can’t find your favourite pen! Take this problem out of your life by making your very own pen pots and stationery organisers. Just like this . . .

POSCA those old bottles and jars

We love a bit of upcycling, especially if it involves using POSCAs.

Gather together empty glass jars and bottles and give them a new purpose with a splash of colour.

If you are feeling especially organised you could even use your POSCAs to label your stationery jars. You will never lose a pen again!

Do you need a rustic pencil holder on your desk?

This stylish idea comes from the strawberry chic craft blog.

 If you want to give your desk the true feel of an artist’s studio we think this rustic pencil holder will do the trick.

For instructions on how to make it, click here.

 Make a pencil vase

This funky pencil vase would look awesome in any classroom and is a great make for any teachers out there.

So bulk buy some pencils from your local discount shop and check out the instructions from the ‘Amanda’s Parties to go’ blog here.


Go retro with this floppy disc stationery organiser

Do you remember the floppy disc? We bet you didn’t think they could be turned into a retro stationery organiser!

To see how to make one click here to visit the ‘instructables’ website


How tidy is your desk?

If you’ve made one of the pen pots stationery organisers above please share a photograph of it with us on our uni-ball Facebook page, we can’t wait to see how you get on!


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