Why is Neat Handwriting Important? And Can You Make it Neater?

With the help of two brilliant tutors we aim to discover just why neat handwriting is SO important.

1) Neat handwriting makes the best first impression

Sarah-Jane Page, an expert tutor from EASTuition, told us: “However much we might like to believe that we’re not judged on our appearance, we know that when someone meets us for the first time, all it takes is a quick glance for them to make their mind up about us, based on appearance, body language, mannerisms and how we’re dressed.”

She added: “It’s not dissimilar with handwriting. Illegible letters and a scrawled style might make someone think you can’t pay attention to details, or you go about things in a haphazard way.”

“Whilst science might not back up such theories, we can’t escape our human tendencies to judge quickly on what we see.”

2) Neat handwriting is incredibly important for students

When it comes to exams and coursework Sarah-Jane believes neat handwriting is really important, she describes messy handwriting as the ‘dread of all examiners’.

Nowadays exam papers are marked on screen – making tricky handwriting EVEN harder to read. Sarah says: “Marking is a tough enough job as it is, without having to decode every written word.”

“No matter how impartial an examiner tries to be, any struggle to read a student’s work will show up in the mood of the examiner, which could then translate to the mark.”

So . . . how can you make your handwriting neater?

Students taking exam: article for neat handwriting advice

1) Students! This is how to make your handwriting neater

To keep things clear, try not to join up your writing too much, and if you’ve been told you write a certain letter in a way that’s not clear, make conscious efforts to improve.

Also remember that the scanning process of exam papers does make your writing appear fainter and distant. Give yourself the best chance of getting your message across by using an inky pen rather than a biro.

Thanks to Sarah-Jane  for sharing her advice with us.

2) Parents – this is how you can help your children to write neatly

Often problems with messy handwriting start at a young age with children settling on a handwriting style in their teenage years.

Are you a parent of a young child with messy handwriting? If you are, Kamilah Hale, tutor from Kin Learning has these tips for you:

  • Make sure your children are doing LOTS of colouring in. Getting them to try and stay within the lines will help with their handwriting.
  • For young children, playing with Lego and beads (to make necklaces) are a good way of developing fine motor skills – which in turn can help with their handwriting.

Neat handwriting practice sheet

We hope you like Kamilah’s tips. For worksheets to help with your child’s handwriting check out our uni-ball Pinterest board – Handwriting Advice. We also have a number of tips to improve handwriting and a variety of free handwriting worksheets on our blog, so be sure to check them out!

What’s your handwriting like?

We’re always intrigued by other people’s writing – sometimes we even get handwriting envy! Do you have super neat handwriting or more of a spider scrawl? Share it with us over on our Facebook page.

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