Our Ultimate Guide To Hand Lettering

Whether you want to know more about hand lettering quotes or where to find the best hand lettering tutorials, our ultimate guide has ALL the answers you need.


What is hand lettering?

Craft blog meekly yours describes hand lettering as: “An art form where words are drawn by hand instead of typed, using a keyboard.”

It says: “Hand drawn text can trace its origins to the Middle Ages when all books were written by hand and often included elaborate capital letters and accompanying illustrations to help tell the story.”

To delve deeper into the origins of hand lettering click here to visit the meekly yours blog post on the subject.

How do you start hand lettering?

Hand lettering enthusiast Chloe Owens, told us: “I used to do a lot of sign painting and chalk pen art in my old job and was looking for a new career path, so decided to try and hone my skills in order to one day make a business out of it.”

Chloe added: “I started out researching blogs and social media accounts of people who do it and found a really helpful one that gave lots of equipment tips and books.”

How do you develop your hand lettering skills?

Chloe has some great ideas if you are looking to develop your hand lettering skills. She says eventually it is her goal to ‘work in chalk’.

She says: “A lot of people digitise their designs via a scanner then edit them in Photoshop or a similar programme.

“Personally I prefer organic hand lettering, my goal is to eventually offer my services to shops, bars and restaurants to write their boards and make unique signs for weddings and events.”

Where can you find hand lettering tutorials?

If you are looking for a book packed full of hand and chalk lettering tutorials you’ll want to get your hands on the The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering’.

Or you can check out the incredibly popular blog ‘Hand Lettering 101’ by artist Dawn Nicole.

What hand lettering supplies do you need?

These are the basic hand lettering supplies Chloe started out with:

  • A ruler
  • Pencils – the mechanical kind rather than traditional work best as they keep a sharper point.
  • Dotted paper – which is really helpful for spacing
  • A selection of pens to line, fill or shade your letter designs. Chloe has been using a combination of fine point markers and brush tips. You can check out uni-ball’s MASSIVE selection of pens, including chalk markers, right here.


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