Painting with nature

Painting with nature – creative ideas for Autumn.

Where did the Summer go people?

The good news is that Autumn is now here and with it, all it’s amazing colours and hues. There’s so much inspiration out there, right on our doorstep.

In this article, we’ve shared a range of creative painting ideas for autumn that you’ve just got to try!

So, without further ado, get your wellies on and go get inspired.

You’ll have few things to collect before you give our ‘painting with nature’ ideas a go.

Important to remember

Whatever you do, please don’t start picking conkers, leaves and pinecones from trees. Be environmentally conscious and only use ones that you find on the ground.

As for pebbles remember it is illegal to take them for the beach! So only use ones from your garden or ones you’ve bought from a shop.

Now that’s the sensible bit over, here are our ideas for some nature inspired autumnal art.

Create conker art

Conkers typically fall at the end of September and start of October, so that’s your prime time for collecting them.

Once you’ve got your conker stash home you can start painting them . . .

Our POSCA markers are perfect for drawing on conkers as they can easily handle shiny surfaces.

With Halloween not far away you could turn your conkers into mini pumpkins using orange and black POSCAs.

Or paint the conkers different colours and use them to create some art in your back garden.


Try some leaf art

Don’t you just love the colour of autumn leaves? They also make a great canvas if you fancy drawing on something different from paper.

You can have lots of fun doodling on leaves, really challenge yourself by creating some henna inspired drawings.

POSCA markers have a variety of nib sizes allowing you to create some really intricate leaf art.

Painted pinecones

How awesome do these painted pinecones look? POSCAs come in lots of lovely autumn colours, including red and orange.

Why not use your painted pinecones to create a beautiful autumnal table centrepiece?

And with Christmas NOT that far away, if you are being organised you could use POSCAs to turn pinecones into snow tipped mini Christmas trees – cute!


Create some autumnal pebbles  

Pebble art is still as popular as ever! If you are looking for pebble art inspiration, how about drawing some animals associated with autumn?

Have a go at drawing super cute hedgehogs, owls and squirrels using POSCAs. Remember if you are going to hide them outside don’t forget to varnish them.


Now it’s your turn!

We’ve come up with the ideas and can’t wait to see how you’ve been inspired to paint with nature.

Share photographs of your autumnal art here on our uni-ball Facebook page underneath this blog post.

Keep your eyes on the uni-ball blog for more Halloween and Christmas inspired ideas!


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Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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