What Are Pebble Bugs and How Do You Make Them?

An image of a bee painted pebble in a garden - pebble painting ideas

Pebble Bugs are painted pebbles to look like bugs – a simple and fantastic way to brighten up the garden, flower pot or even the home. We’re going to give you the lowdown on this super sweet idea and show you how you can create your own.

An image of ladybird painted and bee painted pebbles - pebble painting ideas

Pebble bug painting ideas

Nicki Dixon decided to start making pebble bugs and hiding them around her home town of Bury St Edmunds to ‘spread some love’ and encourage people to go looking for them and then post what they find on social media.

Nicki paints ladybirds, bees, and grasshoppers on to pebbles and leaves them in the Abbey Gardens (a park in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk) for people to find. This is all done with the permission of the park ranger.

An image of three painted pebbles as bee, ladybird and a grasshopper- pebble painting ideas

If you like the @PebbleBugs page on Facebook you’ll be sent a few hints as to where these rather special pebbles are being hidden.

Once the pebble bugs have been found Nicki loves seeing pictures of them with their new owners.

An image of a ladybird painted pebble in a garden - pebble painting ideas

How to make your own pebble bugs?

Nicki has given us these TOP TIPS for making your very own pebble bugs . . .

1) The good news about pebble bugs is they are really inexpensive to make. Just go out for a nice summer walk and look for rounded pebbles, which are ideal.

Nicki says: “Flat round pebbles are best, although ones with a flat side that stand up are great for painting snails!”

2) Once you’ve collected all the pebbles, you need to make sure they are nice and clean. So be prepared to give them a scrub.

3) Nicki says: “I try to paint a load of pebbles at the same time. This means that the ones painted first are dry and ready for a second coat by the time I have painted them all.”

4) Nicki uses a permanent marker to add ladybird spots and bee stripes onto the pebble bugs.

TOP TIP: uni-ball’s POSCA pens would be ideal for this!

5) Finally, to finish the pebble bugs Nicki uses a gloss varnish to seal and waterproof.

An image of ladybird painted and grasshopper painted pebbles in a box - pebble painting ideas

If you decide to make and hide some pebble bugs this summer we would love to hear about it. Please get in touch via our @uniball_uk Facebook page (http://bit.ly/2iq4XRa).


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