Coffee Cup Art Ideas

From our perspective, anything can be a canvas – even disposable coffee cups! If you’re looking for some inspiration check out a few fun personalised coffee cups art ideas below.

Also, take a peek at this amazing example of coffee cup art we shared on our uni-ball Instagram feed a few weeks ago.

An image of five white disposable coffee cups with black drawings on them - personalised coffee cups

Blank canvas on disposable coffee cups

Artist Mariya Suzuki, who draws on coffee cups said: “When I was still in school I used to hang out at local coffee shops with my friends.

“One day I noticed how plain the paper cup was. Naturally, I was inspired to draw what was in front of me. What I draw on a cup is what surrounds me.”

You can read more about what Mariya said to the Drawing To Go website here.

An image of three white disposable coffee cups with orange coloured drawings on them - personalised coffee cups

This is just one idea of what you can draw on your coffee cup . . .

Pravin Isram, from coffee shop and social enterprise Canvas is enthusiastic about having art on their coffee cups.

He told us: “We are based in a train station in Portsmouth with lots of people travelling in and out of the station and the city each day.

“We wanted to tell people a bit of a story of Portsmouth so started to look into the history of the city and tell a story using our cups.”

The art on the Canvas coffee cups is designed by I Love Dust and you can check out some awesome examples of their coffee cups art below.

An image of three white disposable coffee cups with coloured drawings on them - personalised coffee cups

An image of coffee making in a white disposable coffee cup with coloured drawing - personalised coffee cups

Start drawing and make your own personalised coffee cups

So, if you find yourself bored on a long train journey or in a sunny park wanting to do something creative, get your hands on a uni-ball POSCA Ultra Fine Art Pen and start doodling on your coffee cup.

Share your summer coffee cup art with us by tagging @uniball_uk in your photos on Instagram or Facebook.


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