What Is The Big Poppy Drop?

poppy crafts - decorated pebbles for The Big Poppy Drop

Read on to find out what the Big Poppy Drop is and how you can take part in the run up to Remembrance Sunday with some simple poppy crafts!

What is The Big Poppy Drop?

You may well have heard about the craze for decorating pebbles that is currently sweeping the nation – if you haven’t you can have a read about it here.

There are literally thousands of you across the country painting pebbles with the latest trend being to decorate pebbles with poppies as a way of marking Remembrance Sunday. Simply decorate your pebbles with your poppy crafts and drawings and you’re good to go! 

Poppy Crafts - Poppies painted on Stones

How Should You Decorate Your Pebbles?

You can take a look at some of our ideas for decorating pebbles with poppies below. If you are getting your children involved you could make it as simple as painting a stone red and putting a black dot (seed) in the middle. Our Posca pens are perfect for decorating your pebble with beautiful poppy crafts! 

Because the poppy pebbles are going to be left outside, make sure you varnish them to protect them from the elements. You could try clear nail varnish or Mod Podge.

Our Ideas For Painting Poppy Pebbles

Poppy Crafts - Simple Poppy design

Poppy crafts - a selection of poppy designs painted on stones

Where Should You Leave Your Poppy Pebbles?

Organisers of the Big Poppy Drop want the poppy crafts and pebbles to be left on or near war memorials across the UK. They are hoping lines or piles of pebbles will be added to by others taking part.

When Should You ‘Drop’ Your Poppy Pebbles?

People are already leaving their pebbles at memorials and other locations significant to Remembrance Sunday. It is hoped they will stay in place until then.

poppy crafts - three stones painted with poppy designs

Share Your Poppy Crafts with Uniball!

Please share your Big Poppy Drop photos with us on our uni-ball Facebook page , we hope lots of you take part! 


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