How Can I Use Posca For Glass Painting?

We’ve been experimenting with all the different ways you that can use uni-ball’s Posca markers, keep reading for some super simple ideas for using Posca pens for glass painting!

What Are a Few Good Ideas for Glass Painting & Decorating?

Our glass decoration ideas came from objects we had around the home. It’s amazing how many different jars you can find being unused and unloved.

All you need to do is give the jars a quick wash, then make sure they are properly dry. Grab your Posca pens and you are ready to begin your glass decoration session.

glass painting - posca on glass jar

Money Saving Jar

With the help of some bright uni-ball Poscas we came up with this simple idea for a money saving jar for a ‘holiday fund’. Obviously you can adapt what you paint on your glass jar depending on what you are saving for. 

glass painting - posca memory jar

Clip Safe Memory Jar

When it comes to glass decoration, clip safe jars are great because they are bigger than jam jars and you can also paint on the lid.

We love the idea of using them to safely store special memories – just like in the photo above.

Which Are The Best Pens to Write on Glass?

Whilst we were experimenting with our Poscas we found that the softer pastel colours were ideal for simple decoration just like in the photo below . . .

glass painting - pastel posca on glass

If you’re looking for pens to write on glass then brighter, richer colours stand out more – making what you’ve written easier to read.

glass painting - posca - holiday fund jar

How Can I use Posca Pens for Glass Painting?

Posca Pens are incredibly versatile and easy to use for glass painting. Here are our top tips for using Posca on glass:

  • Before you use your Posca pen on glass, press the tip up and down on a sheet of scrap paper several times to get the paint flowing.
  • Once the paint is flowing, use the scrap paper to draw a few practice lines on. This will help to regulate the paint flow.
  • The paint will dry quickly, on glass it should only take a few minutes to dry completely.
  • If your glass painting goes wrong don’t panic! Either wait until the paint is completely dry and draw over the top, or on glass you can use a cloth to wipe off the paint.

Once you’ve had fun painting glass jars, hunt down any other glassware that might be in need of a revamp!

You can even add some of your creative flair to old drinking glasses!

glass painting - posca pens dots on glass

glass painting - Posca on glass

Please share your glass decoration ideas with us over on our uni-ball Facebook page 


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