Signo TSI Erasable Pen – UF-220

UF-220 | Nib size: 0.7mm  

The Signo TSI erasable pen takes the pressure out of writing neat documents. Its erasable ink means there is room for error – simply use the eraser on the top of the pen or cap (there are two!) to correct your mistakes quickly and easily.

It works due to the thermo-sensitive ink that turns clear once enough heat is generated – so when rubbed the line is ‘erased’ and ready to write over again.

An absolutely perfect pen for essay writing, final drafts or handwritten cards or invitations.

Please note that erased lines may reappear at temperatures below -18°C.

Not suitable for legal documents.

0.7mm nib.

Available in black, blue, red, green, light blue, pink and violet.


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