Simple Christmas Crafts For Kids Over The Festive Period

Christmas crafts for kids - Chrildren doing christmas crafts

Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids!

With the help of some super creative mums, we’ve come up with this list of simple Christmas crafts for kids to try over the festive period.

How to Make a Toilet Roll Santa

Two of our top Christmas crafts for kids ideas require toilet rolls, so don’t throw any away over the next couple of weeks.

There are lots of different ways you can make a toilet roll Santa depending on what craft supplies you have. Your kids might choose to cover the toilet roll in red paper but they could also try painting them or covering them in felt.

TOP TIP: Most people choose to make Santa’s beard with cotton wool, make sure you stock up on this quick Christmas craft making essential!

We don’t think you can go far wrong with these toilet roll Santa making instructions from the GoodtoKnow website

Christmas Crafts for kids - toilet roll santa

How to Make a Toilet Roll Reindeer

If you want to go one step further with the Christmas toilet paper roll crafts you should definitely make Santa some reindeer for his sleigh . . .

Christmas craft ideas really don’t need to be complicated and this is proven by mummy blogger The Resourceful Mama.

christmas crafts for kids- toilet roll reindeer

We really like that this particular reindeer toilet roll craft involves using your little one’s handprints. It really does make it a special Christmas keepsake.

Five More Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids, From Mums!

1) Footprint snowmen – Idea from Katie Bayliss

christmas crafts for kids - footprint snowmen

2) Put lots of green hand prints together to make a Christmas wreath – Idea from Jodie Horton.

3) Yummy edible snowmen craft – Idea from Jodie Horton.

christmas crafts for kids - edible snowman

4) Decorating Christmas cards with stickers and ribbon – Idea from Emma Holmes.

5) Mum and teacher Hayley May has posted some pretty Christmas craft ideas over on her Instagram page @entertaining_elsie.

Christmas crafts for kids - Hayley May's Christmas ideas


christmas crafts for kids - snowmen

Quick Christmas Crafts for Kids! 

Are you a mum or dad that wants to add to our list of Christmas craft ideas? Feel free to do so by adding your suggestions underneath this blog post on our uni-ball Facebook page.

Keep your eyes peeled for our blog post about ‘Winter Crafts & Winter Themed Drawings’ which will be added to our blog soon.


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