Super Simple Halloween Pen Art To Try This Half Term!

simple halloween crafts - decorative mini pumpkins

Mums and dads read on for our fun list of simple Halloween crafts and pen art projects for you to try this October Half Term.

Simple Halloween Crafts Using Pens!

It really is amazing the spookiness you can create using pens and a few inexpensive items!

Decorate Cute Mini Pumpkins

We have to admit this cute mini pumpkin idea from mum Helena Pugsley made us say ‘Awwww’.

Pop along to your local supermarket and pick up a bag of oranges or satsumas. When you get home, get out your Posca pens and get decorating. The good news is there is absolutely no carving involved.

This is a practically mess free Halloween Half Term activity that the kids can definitely join in with. Once they’ve been decorated you can use them as table or window decorations.

We can’t wait to see what cute little pumpkins you and your family create.

Make Your Own Pumpkin Hunt

simple halloween crafts - spooky pumpkin pebble art

As you know we are massive fans of pebble art at the moment and Easter egg hunts are so last spring.

So mums and dads why not decorate pebbles with a spooky theme, using uni-ball’s POSCA pens.

Then hide them in your back garden or a local park. As long as the weather is okay this is a fun way of embracing the Halloween spirit outside.

Simple halloween crafts - spooky stone art

Here’s some we made earlier


Make CREEPY comic books

If you don’t want your child’s handwriting skills to get rusty over Half Term then encourage them to draw and write in a fun way.

Do this by getting them to create their own spooky Halloween comic books or flip books. This will get them to use their imagination too and they can show them to all their friends when they go back to school!

For the writing part we recommend uni-ball’s erasable Signo pens. We all know children are perfectionists and will want to sort out any mistakes as quickly as they can.

Signo TSI 220 erasable - simple halloween crafts

Have you got any simple Halloween crafts which you’re doing this half term? We’d love to see what you’re getting up to on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

We hope you enjoy your Half Term and Halloween!


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