Spooky Crafts For Kids This Halloween

There’s so much fun your kids can have making spooky arts and crafts for Halloween. Here are a few ideas for easy Halloween crafts to get them started.

decorated halloween pumpkins

What Are Some Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids?

Make Your Own Spooky Spider Webs

If you are a household that loves coffee, make sure you put some coffee filters to one side ready for Halloween crafts.

Jean Van’t Hul from arts and crafts blog The Artful Parent  has shared this easy guide to making spider web decorations.

halloween spiders webs

She says: “Coffee filters are perfect for this sort of scissor craft because they are thin without being flimsy, making it easier for kids to cut through multiple layers.”

Don’t panic if you don’t have any coffee filters. Your kids can make their spooky spider webs using white paper. Jean recommends ‘basket coffee filters’ because they are translucent.

Your kids make the spooky spider webs in the same way they make snowflakes at Christmas.

how to make halloween spiders webs

They then use black felt or paper to make spiders which they can stick on to the spider webs before they go on the window.

TOP TIP: We recommend you use white tack for securing your kids spooky spider webs to the window.

For a more detailed guide to making this easy Halloween craft click here.             

Make Your Own Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween is fast becoming one of the social events of the year, kids often have Halloween parties to go to and of course trick or treating!

halloween - make your own trick or treat bags

If you need a quiet moment in the midst of all the Halloween excitement, get your kids to sit down and decorate their own trick or treat bags.

What you need for this Halloween craft:

  • Gift bags in Halloween related colours – e.g. black, white, orange or red.
  • Lots of bright and glittery pens – (try uni-ball Signos)
  • Loads of stickers including the all-important googly eyes.

TOP TIP: Buying these items shouldn’t break the bank. Gift bags and stickers are on sale in most discount shops.

Once you’ve got all your supplies let your kids go to town on decorating their trick or treat bags. You might want to join in yourself, especially if you plan on snaffling some of their trick or treat sweets.

What Fun Halloween Activities Are There?

Pumpkin Decorating Competition

You notice we said ‘decorating’ rather than carving.

All parents know that pumpkin carving can be a messy business and you can’t leave your kids unsupervised for a second because of the sharp instruments involved (eek)!

So we’ve come up with the perfect solution . . .

halloween spooky decorated pumpkins

Depending on the level of mess you are willing to get your house, garden or child into you can get them to decorate pumpkins using our amazing Posca pens.

If you are hosting a children’s Halloween party you can easily turn pumpkin decorating into a competition. Award spooky prizes for the scariest pumpkin and the funniest.

The Mummy Game

This might be straying slightly from Halloween craft theme but you still encourage your kids to get creative with this game.

The mummy game is super simple (especially compared to apple bobbing) and it is also really inexpensive too.

All you need is a few rolls of budget toilet roll and some willing kids. Pair the children up and time them as they turn their partner into a mummy. They will have to get arty with the toilet roll if they want to win.

If you are getting up to any Halloween activities please tag us (uniball_uk) in your pictures on Instagram. The spooooookier the better.


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