Give Your Stone Painting Designs Some Style With POSCA Pens

Have you heard about the latest trend sweeping the nation… Stone Painting! If you aren’t familiar with stone painting then read on and if you are, read on anyway for some awesome ideas for stone painting designs!

What is Stone Painting?

You may have spotted some splendidly designed stones in seemingly random places such as fields, forests, beaches or even hedgerows. They have been appearing everywhere and there is a very good reason! Creative people up and down the country have been decorating humble stones with delectable designs and positive messages for others to find.

stone painting designs - colourful stones

Apparently, this quirky past time started across the pond in the USA, but this Summer and Autumn has seen it grab the attention of thousands across the UK. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the ‘Love on the rocks UK’ Facebook page, which has a whopping 30,000 plus members who all share the same enthusiasm for stone painting designs, whether that be creating, finding or hiding their colourful crafts.

If you need further inspiration for your own stone painting designs then why not take a look at some fab designs from Ella Johnston Art! Grab a couple of stones and spread the love…

stone painting designs - gold stone - be kind message

stone painting designs - feathers on stones

Stone Painting Designs with Posca!

Our range of POSCA pens are ideal for giving stones that extra touch of style and panache. To ensure your stones are weather proof, simply seal them with a varnish!

stone painting designs - white posca on stones


You can find out more here about our fabulous range of arts and crafts pens, whether you want to add that little something extra to your stone painting designs, or if you simply want to add to your arts and crafts collection!

Do you love stone painting? Don’t forget to share your stone painting designs and ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter – we can’t wait to see your creations! 


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