How Painted Rocks And Stones Can Help Your Kids Learn!

Over the summer stone painting have become super cool! But we’re here to tell you how this craze can help your kids learn.

Painted rocks enthusiast and artist Rebecca Osborne, has started using painted rocks as educational tools and we’ve given it a go.

Rebecca started out drawing on pebbles for fun and we think you’ll agree she is very good at it. Check out our previous blog post featuring Rebecca’s painted stones.

She told us: “I don’t imagine that I started the trend but I’m pleased to be a part of it. I’ve now made stones with numbers on for maths problems and ones with face parts on – like Mr Potato Head.”

Numbers painted on pebbles - stone painting ideas to help kids learn

Rebecca added: “A friend of mine who runs a nursery has commissioned me to several sets of different eye colours, skin colours, and nose shapes. This was for an “about me project” at the nursery.”

You can take a peek at Rebecca’s guide to painting stones, pebbles and rocks here.

Here are some of our stone painting ideas:

See the photos below for some of the ideas we came up for creating educational rocks, stones and pebbles using POSCA paint markers.

Numbers and fruits painted on pebbles- stone painting ideas to help kids learn

Like Rebecca suggested you can draw numbers onto stones…

Numbers and fruits painted on pebbles with uni-ball’s POSCA markers - stone painting ideas to help kids learn

You can also draw on pebbles and rocks to teach your kids about fruit and vegetables. These were done using uni-ball’s POSCA markers.

Mouth, ears and eyes painted on pebbles - stone painting ideas to help kids learn


We hope we’ve given you some inspirational educational rock painting ideas. Let us know how you get on by posting photos of your educational rocks on our uni-ball Facebook page (!


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