How to Paint Stones and Pebbles

Painted designs on stones - stone painting

Sometimes the simplest pieces of art can bring us the most pleasure. We’ve spoken to two talented artists to find out how they are spreading the love this summer through stone painting! They are using beautifully decorated pebbles and stones to brighten other people’s days. Here’s how you can do it too!

Artist and illustrator Rebecca Osborne finds it rather ‘therapeutic’ to randomly place beautifully decorated stones to be found by passers-by.


Rebecca told us: “There is something rather liberating about leaving your artwork to be found and enjoyed by someone else.”

Flower painted on stone - stone painting

Rebecca added: “On Father’s Day my family had a lovely day on the beach. I had taken my paint markers with me so we all decorated stones and our children hid them for people to find.

“We actually saw the reactions of people as they happened upon some of the stones and saw the smiles on their faces. We felt that we were responsible for making those people smile.”

words painted on stones - stone painting

pink flower painted on stone - stone painting

Nicki Dixon  decorates pebbles to ‘spread some love’ – you can find out how she paints pebble bugs right here in our blog.

As well as painting pebble bugs , Nicki decorates heart pebbles. She told us: “I post heart pebbles out to people who would like one. Some ask for them for a sick relative or as a gift or something to place on a grave.”

Here’s how to decorate pebbles and stones this summer

Rebecca has kindly shared her super simple tips for decorating pebbles and stones ready to hide this summer:

painted stone on beach - stone painting



1) I choose stones with flat surfaces. I wash them and then use paint markers to decorate the stones.

2) As an artist, I choose some of my favourite subjects to decorate the stones – depending on the shape of the stone and mood I am in. I use fine liners to add detail. I also like to add positive messages to the stones.

3) Once all the paint is dry I use an acrylic spray to seal the stones. The spray is not essential but it gives a lovely shiny finish and helps preserve the artwork.


Let us know when you’ve given stone painting a go

Rebecca says: “Decorating stones is quite simple and I would love to see other people being inspired to leave similar “gifts” where they live.”

We suggest giving POSCA markers a try when you decorate your pebbles and stones. Please tag us in photos of what you create (@uniball_uk on Facebook and Instagram).


Why don’t you try and make someone smile with some beautiful pebbles and stones this summer! 


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