Summer Art Inspiration For Painting And Drawing

It’s time to get outside in the sunshine, ready your pens or paintbrush and have a quick read of this summer art inspiration for painting and drawing!

We’ve spoken to super-talented artist, Laura Beardsell-Moore  who has given us words of wisdom about getting creative inspiration from nature this summer.

Laura specialises in oil paintings inspired by the gardens, fields and woodlands around her, meaning she is the perfect person to give you some great ideas this sunny season.

Change the way you look at the world . . .

Laura says: “The process of creating a drawing or painting can make you look at the world differently.

“We tend to skim so many things in our busy lives so taking time to look properly slows us down and helps to build a new understanding.”

She adds: “I don’t paint out in the open but I do sketch outdoors and I always have my camera with me.

“When I’m back in the studio I’ve always got a bank of wonderful experiences, visual resources and memories to use in my paintings.”


Are you ready to get outside and get drawing!

Here are Laura’s tips for any budding artists:

  • I would encourage anyone just to go outside for a walk with a sketchbook and camera.
  • Try not to think about the destination or the end result, just take time to enjoy the journey and spot those interesting details that would normally walk right past. You might be surprised at how much you see!

Laura’s TOP TIP: Even our back gardens can be a fantastic source of inspiration with garden birds, flowers – even weeds! – providing lots of lovely visual textures.

To prove her point look at Laura’s awesome textured painting of bark.

More summer art inspiration . . .

-Try to forget about all those emails in your inbox and focus on the here and now (even if it is easier said than done).

– You might decide to create something realistic or go for something more abstract. It all depends on the feelings you experienced when you were outside.

– Sketch, make notes, take photos, soak up the atmosphere – taking it all in is all part of the process.

– When you are drawing or painting make sure you enjoy the creation!

To find out more about Laura’s work visit her website or follow her on Twitter @labeamo.


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