Wanna create amazing artwork with precision and detail? Why don’t you POSCA a canvas?

If you’re looking to make cool, colourful artwork to update your walls then POSCA pens are a great option. You can blend colours while they are wet, allowing you to create a range of painterly affects. Once your POSCA colours are dry you can overlay more shades and fine details.

Here we have three ideas to kick start your artistic journey to POSCA a canvas. This is a fantastic creative summer holiday activity and a really effective way to create a cool, colourful display.

Funky geometrics

If you’re not totally confident in your art skills, how about starting with some easy shapes to POSCA a canvas. Here we’ve made a simple geometric background with vibrant POSCA colours. Then we layered some simple triangles with our light blue POSCA. Follow the video guide below to POSCA a canvas yourself..

POSCA a canvas : totally tropical

If fancy graduating from those simple shapes then use a similar layering technique on this tropical style canvas. We drew out our composition by creating simple leaf shapes on the background and ‘cutting out the edges’ for a monstera leaf pattern. Then we created an ‘S’ shape over the leaves for the flamingo head, drawing a small circle on the top and curved lines as shown for the flamingo bill.

We coloured the canvas background using green and blue 8k POSCAs. We blended our pink and white 8K POSCAs for the flamingo head and neck flowing the white pen into the bill. Now mix the white with a yellow 8K POSCA on the bill and leave to dry. Use the black 8K to make the large dark area of the beak.

After the base colours are all dry then you can layer over details using the smaller POSCA pen nibs as shown.

Beautiful bird artworks

We love these uber cute bird artworks. This small canvases were first prepped with blue 7m POSCA for the background and left to dry. Then we sketched out our birds and flowers. We mixed and blended our larger colour areas with 7m POSCAs. Once we were happy with our base shades we used 3M pens to add fine lines and details for our birdies canvases.


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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