Have you seen our new EMOTT pens? Our new colourful EMOTT pen collection of fine line markers ensure your stationery stash is more stylish than ever. Plus there’s a choice of colours for all seasons.

The EMOTT pen collection is ideal for people who like to set trends rather than follow them. The EMOTT’s spectrum of 40 colours (from pretty candy shades and soft pastels to bold, vivid, primary hues and deep, evocative earth tones) suit a range of moods and are great for a wealth of seasonal creative projects.

EMOTT: pens to love and treasure

The pens’ impeccable build quality make the EMOTT a dependable marker that you will love and treasure. While the pens look sleek and delicate, the EMOTT’s durable tip doesn’t bend or split. This ensures a consistent line-width at any angle or pressure. Plus, its clear line, excellent colour coverage and water resistant, non-bleed and fade-proof ink means work created with the EMOTT ever-fine markers looks crisp and will last an age.

Curated colour combos

As well as a 40-shade box, EMOTT pens are also available in a range of specially selected curated colour combinations in five and ten-piece sets that complement and illustrate seasons, moods and emotions.

Here we’re showcasing some of our five-piece sets and how they work with the seasons. Each five-piece pack comes with a stylish stand that allows you to store and display your pens.

Spring: Candy Pop

Spring is the perfect time to embrace your softer side. The EMOTT Candy Pop five-piece set is just the ticket for precisely that. The pack contains light blue, emerald green, light pink, light violet and coral pink EMOTT fine liners. These colours are not just great for spring florals and patterns  but these pastel style shades would be great for Easter cards and decorations.


Summer:  Vivid and Passion

We love the Vivid and Passion five-piece sets. We think their colour combinations are ideal for bright and vibrant summer paper-craft, card-making and illustration projects. The Vivid set contains a bold, lively combination of yellow, green, red, black and blue and the Passion packs contains more subtle, softer, feminine shades of orange, fuchsia, pink, vermillion and lemon. So whether you opt for bold or subtle, these gorgeous tones are excellent for summer birds, tropical florals, graphics and hand-lettering.

Autumn: Earth

Don’t you just love this Earth five pack? Featuring rich grown up shades of dark yellow, brown, sky blue, turquoise and pine green, this set is excellent for autumnal illustrations. Inspired by nature, these colours are great for landscapes, Scandi-style leaves (as featured here) and woodland style motifs.

Patterned leaves with EMOTT pens

Winter: Vintage

Speaking of darker, more earthy shades, check out the EMOTT Vintage five pack. This deep and evocative collection contains one each of khaki green, violet, dark brown, amethyst and grey. The deep dark colours make it amazing for richer illustrative pieces. The set’s green, brown and berry tones make it perfect for Christmas card making and decorative projects.




Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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